Sunday, June 22, 2014

My 1st Flash animation Dress Up game "Jenni Styles"

I'm a longtime fan of hilarious cartoons & animations, video art, and self-expression all around.

After many years of conjuring ideas for a comedy-based animated series, I'm finally becoming acquainted with Adobe Flash, to make these dreams come true. 2014 has been an especially expansive time, and not only have I gotten better at using Photoshop CS6 which is helpful, I'm also learning the ropes with both Illustrator & Flash.

Some of my best memories are laughing uncontrollably and down the line about funny stuff that made an impression on me. Various stand up comics, cartoons & comedy troupes have all had that effect on me.

Combining passions, interest & skills to make my 1st series, "Jenni Styles" something worth playing and looking forward to future chapters, is my current focus. Partially based as personal therapy, not only is chapter 1 a rough outline for the basic possibilities, but a glimpse into what will become more developed characters over time, with emphasis on more animation, voices, themes, and custom music.

Stay tuned for more to come.

Find "Jenni Styles" on my site Arcade, Newgrounds or add it to your game site. Be in touch if you are into making Flash or Unity games - I'm friendly and interested in who else out there is into cool stuff.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll periodically update this blog with news or other fun stuff.