Saturday, October 4, 2014

Alter Kat: an alternative girl Flash fashion game

jenni's 2nd flash game!

Last June I released my 1st Flash game, Jenni Styles.

The concept originated as a personal challenge to learn animation and become familiar with vector art & graphic design.  While I'm still working on a more story-based, animation-driven adventure game experience for the Jenni character & friends, this is a little treat in the meantime.

Kat, inspired by my little sis, is an alternative girl who chooses from a wide range of bold & stylish fashions. Eery animated backgrounds & custom music compliment her mood, and set the vibe to rock various hairstyles, cute outfits, combat boots, high heels, tattoos, piercings and makeup.

Currently available on PC only, with a mobile version in development.

If you play any of my games, please vote them up, share them with your friends & be sure to submit a screenshot of your character to the Jenni-Styles Tumblr Blog and/or Jenni-Styles Blogger.
Constructive feedback is welcomed!

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